Bhardwaj and Company are one of India's leading specialist manpower consultants, with experience in recruiting since 1974.

B&C have established a wide network of strategic alliances through out the country. Throughout the years B&C have established excellent links and relations with clients and are first when it comes to matching candidates as per specified requirements.

We have a proven track record along with qualified and capable personnel. We place prime focus on the needs of our clients. We believe that our personnel are the key to our ability to provide quality services. Over the years we have been complimented on our adherence to commitment, reliability, meeting strict schedules and guidelines. Our clients will attest to the consistency with which we operate. No matter where you are in the world B&C can lend their personal expertise to your needs / demands / requirements.

Bhardwaj and Company has core strengths, which have made it a much sought-after recruiting firm.

  • Going the extra mile for our clients and providing exceptional and personalized service.
  • Seeing the big picture in every project while remaining detail-oriented.
  • Working efficiently to get results in specific time frames.
  • Stringent medical examinations are undertaken at registered medical centres, which are approved by the G.C.C. panel of Doctors.
  • Bringing a well established, nationwide database of contacts and resources to each project.
Bhardwaj and Company Commitments: -

We take full responsibility for repatriation of any candidate to whom the overseas employer wants to send back due to the following reasons within three months probation period.

  • Medically Unfit
  • Not up to the mark in his specified field/trade (If Candidate is tested / interviewed by us)

The repatriation will be at the cost of Bhardwaj and Company.


O. P. Bhardwaj
Group Chairman.